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Thank you for allowing EZ Moving & Storage to service your recent relocation. It is with our deep regret to find that you may have found that the handling of your shipment was less than satisfactory and some damage may have resulted in the handling of your items. For your convenience, we have provided this online version of our Claim Form to expedite the claim process. Please take a moment and complete the claim form that follows below and transmit it to us.

Please understand that while our best intentions is to process your claim quickly, note that your claim will enter a queue and we ask that you please allow approximately 30 to 45 days for the entire claim process to be completed. Please note that any claim made CANNOT be honored 30 days past the date of the relocation. Your claim MUST fall within the 30 days allotted and no exceptions will be made. Any claim(s) submitted past the expiration date cannot be honored.

Receipt of your claim will be acknowledged and a claim number along with one of our customer quality control representatives or an insurance adjustor will be assigned from our claims department. Your adjuster assigned will review the claim and contact you as needed, if necessary, with any further instructions. To aide us in the processing of your claim, please email us and provide as many digital photopgraphs you may have that depict the alledged damage(s). This will help us in processing your claim more efficiently. You may be asked to provide and email photographs in jpg or jpeg format to assist in the investigation of the claim

Since all damaged items are subject to inspection, please DO NOT PROCEED with any repairs, and DO NOT dispose of any damaged items. A "Comments" section has been provided below should you need to provide further explanation for any items or issues referenced in your claim.

If we can be of any further assistance, please click ------> Contact Us

Email photos to our customer service by clicking here ------> Photo Center NOTE: All photos must be .jpg format.

Please note that any damage claims submitted beyond 30 calendar days from the date of completion of the relocation cannot be honored. Not all claims or damage submitted and / or claimed can be honored pending circumstances investigated and / or as determined by our internal claim adjusters or external claim adjusters own investigation as required by applicable state and federal mandated laws. Most particle boards products / items and damaged contents in boxes packed by owner (PBO) cannot be covered by insurance and is determined as condition unknown.

Statement of Claim
Customer Information

To fill out this Statement of Claim form, you will need to reference your copy of the following items:

A. Household Goods Carrier's Bill of Lading and Freight Bill.
B. Household Goods Descriptive Inventory Sheet(s)
(You should have this if additional coverage was purchased / insurance premium paid / deductible chosen for coverage over and above the free standard insurance offered)

C. Copy of premium insruance certificate issued (This is needed if additional insurance was purchased / premium paid / obtained at the beginning of your move and deductible chosen)
In all cases, keep damaged articles (including shipping containers) for visual inspection. Arrangements will be made to inspect and estimate damage to the articles you have claimed.

Please provide your name (as noted on Bill of Lading / your receipt):
(or please provide the name of the EZ Moving customer, if different):
Please describe the items that are damaged and where or how it was damaged or list of inventory sticker number(s) of the item(s) being claimed:
**Please note: as noted on your Bill of Lading, there is NO liability or insurance coverage for floors, doors, or wall damage during any moving process - There is also as noted on your bill of lading - NO insurance coverage for any items packed in a box by the owner and we cannot be held responsible for items EZ Moving & Storage DID NOT PACK** If you were in storage or purchased extra insurance protection, you will find stickered tag numbers can be obtained from the left side of your Inventory Sheet(s) and / or a colored sticker tag that is on the piece(s) in question. (Please place a comma between each inventory number you have (NOTE -if no sticker can be located on any given piece, please describe piece(s) damaged and approximate weight of each item.
Home Phone Number: () -
Business Phone Number- Extension: () - ext -
Your Cell Phone Number: () -
Your Fax Number: () -
Your e-Mail Address:
To use our Internet Claim Form, you must enter a valid e-Mail address where you can receive information regarding your claim. This is where your receipt and progress status will be sent to keep you up to date on the claim. - Please be sure to double check your e-Mail and spelling after entering it into the box to the right
Moved To:
(Destination Address)
State/Province Zip/Postal Code
Moved From:
(Origin Address)
State/Province Zip/Postal Code
Present Address:
Enter your present address, city, state/province and zip/postal code. This address should be where you can be contacted for information about your claim.

Click if same as "Moved To:" address above.

State/Province Zip/Postal Code
The date your items were loaded onto the truck: - - (mm/dd/yyyy)
The date your items were delivered / unloaded: - - (mm/dd/yyyy)
Have transportation / relocation charges been paid in full?
Indicate the appropriate circle if the charges for your move have or have not been paid.

Yes No


Are the items that were damaged packed by you or by our moving company?
Indicate who did the packing of the items into boxes.

Item(s) Damaged are in Boxes

Item(s) Damaged are NOT in Boxes


If yes above, you are employed by what company?

Were there any packing services performed by our company? (i.e.having items packed into boxes by our company?)
Indicate if your shipment was packed by "you" the customer or by our company

By Customer

By Company

Both Company & Customer

If both for packing was selected above, please provide us with detailed information of your situation:


Did our moving company pickup or deliver your shipment to a storage unit or warehouse?
Indicate if your shipment was or was not stored in a warehouse or storage unit at origin (where you moved from) or at destination (where you moved to).
Pickup from Deliver to
If 'YES', where?
Company Name
What type of insurance valuation was chosen for your shipment when you moved?
Please check whether your shipment was released to a declared value of 60 cents per pound per article (U.S. and Canada), or if you selected a Declared Full Valuation Protection (Declared Amount per USD only) or if you were an International Move and you chose a Declared Value, and which version of deductible was chosen per insurance selected. Your options would be: $ .60 per pound per artivle "Free Standard Insurance", Full Coverage Valuation - Depreciated Coverage with a $500.00 deductible and having prepaid an inurance premium at the beginning of your move, Full Coverage Valuation - Replacement Coverage with a $500.00 deductible and having prepaid an inurance premium at the beginning of your move. This information would be located in the left mid portion of your Bill of Lading under Step 3.
Select Insurance Acknowledged for Relocation:

$ .60 cents/lb. per article (U.S. and Canada)
Full Replacement Protection - Selected Depreciated Valuation
with $500.00 Deductible (w/paid premium)
Full Replacement Protection - Selected Replacement Valuation
with $500.00 Deductible (w/paid premium)

Comments or Additional Information you wish to provide:

Any Comments or Additional Information you wish to provide:


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